About us

Coinside is a constantly evolving company, specialized in the world of plastics with particular expertise on dispensers for cosmetic and pharmaceutical packaging.


We collaborate with national and international Partners, using our connections with the main production continents in order to be increasingly competitive.


We are constantly engaged in research and training to offer qualified solutions that are useful to our customers to optimize costs, offering ourselves as a reliable partner for your business development with particular attention to eco-sustainability.


Thanks to the experience gained in 20 years of business, carried out with a continuity of projects and experiences, we try to give always new shape to our business to align with the evolution of demand and identify new growth paths. Because we don't set limits on what we can learn.

we support large companies quickly and securely

Headquarter is located into a late 18th-century building where past and future combine to create an authentic atmosphere.
Exterior to the building there are palm trees, a rose garden and a beautiful centenary magnolia, which make a great combination with the white marble statutes and create and exclusive location whit a wonderful glimpse over the sea.