COINSIDE® is an ISO 9001:2015 certified company


Obtaining ISO 9001 certification represents a tangible commitment to operational excellence and service quality. It ensures that the company has established and maintains a quality management system that complies with internationally recognized standards. This designation reflects a reliable dedication to customer satisfaction, efficient processes, and constant monitoring of business performance to ensure the continuous maintenance and improvement of quality standards. Furthermore, this certification is evaluated by an independent body, confirming the company's quality in an objective and authoritative manner.


Choosing an ISO 9001 certified company means opting for a partner committed to excellence and continuous evolution to best meet the needs of its customers.



Quality Policy



The Management, motivated by the need to constantly improve the company's competencies, has set out on a path aimed at improving the quality of product supplies and the continuous optimisation of company processes in line with the requirements of the context.


Within this framework, COINSIDE® has identified the adoption of a Quality Management System compliant with UNI EN ISO 9001 as a priority action. This initiative is aimed at making the company's processes more effective, increasing customer satisfaction and guaranteeing continuous improvement in performance.


The application of the Quality System is considered by the Management a strategic choice aimed at

- define a consistent and transparent working and control method.
- involving suppliers in order to improve the quality of the work requested, as well as to increase profitability through a more rational use of resources.
- respond promptly and effectively to customers' requests and support them as strategic partners to enhance their business and reputation.


Management is committed to ensuring that the Quality Policy and Objectives, defined annually during the management review, are understood and pursued by all personnel, providing the appropriate means and resources for this purpose and promoting their involvement.


The primary objectives set by management are

- to identify and select suppliers with innovative and appropriate technologies, guaranteeing high quality standards.
- to establish partnerships with selected and loyal suppliers.
- to constantly improve the quality controls applied to suppliers also through proactive involvement in technological and production choices.
- to become a partner for customers, providing the necessary resources to simplify and optimise implementation costs, respecting the required timeframes and guaranteeing the highest quality standards.


Furthermore, the Management considers it important to emphasise the following principles on which the company policy is based

- the term quality means constant and unequivocal attention to the customer's needs.
- quality must be sought right from the supplier selection phase.
- the results achieved must be monitored in order to identify new solutions or the need for updating.


The quality policy is developed in accordance with the company's strategies, is shared and communicated to all stakeholders, and represents a characterising element that reflects the commitment to excellence and continuous improvement.